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Virtual Program

The virtual program is a must, even for in-person ticket holders. This program includes access to the recorded main stage events of all three sessions, recorded presentations, and recorded conversations with 30+ of our speakers. Group tickets are available if buying more than 10 tickets.

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Financial Assistance

The main organizer of this conference and owner of EQSolutions and Neuroawesome Life, Dawn-Marie Solais, knows what it's like to need help from time to time. So she and her team are very committed to being sure that anyone who wants to come to INAS 2022 Neurodiversity Conference in-person or virtually has a path to get there. If you need a discount or full scholarship for attendance, please contact Dawn-Marie, and she will do her best to connect you with available funds on a first come first serve basis.

*All information and advice given at INAS 2022 is offered by speakers and presenters and may not represent the opinions or values of EQSolutions: You 2.0 or Neuroawesome Life. If you choose to purchase from a vendor or accept advice from a speaker or presenter, you accept full responsibility for doing so. Neither EQSolutions: You 2.0 nor Neuroawesome Life may be held responsible for any real or perceived negative outcomes.

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