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Connecting the Neurodiverse Community with those willing to listen, learn, and support

Community Building, Inclusive, Conversational, Comfortable, Thoughtful, Accommodating, Educational, Fun, & More *


950 Boswell Hill Rd, Endicott, NY 13760


Buy tickets for a single in-person session, the full day, virtual, or both. And you can contribute tickets to individuals that are in need.

Visit our ticketing page for all options.

Our Goals:

Provide speakers, presenters, vendors, and events that share relevant resources and information,

as well as provide opportunities for neurodivergent individuals to speak for themselves to a broader audience.

To be a launching pad for advocacy and accommodation throughout the region and beyond.

To gather and strengthen advocacy, support, and accommodation for neurodivergent individuals and families. 

To accommodate sensory challenges and varied abilities and disabilities in thoughtful and inclusive ways.

What is the INAS understanding of Neurodiversity?

We all process the world around us differently. Some people experience, interact with, and interpret the

world in particularly unique ways that sometimes carry diagnoses including 

Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, sensory processing challenges, learning disabilities, and more.

These terms explain identity and should not be looked upon as weaknesses or problems to be fixed, but rather 

normal variations of the human brain. We desire to champion strengths, understand and 

accommodate challenges, and find ways to embrace and learn from both.

Conference Structure

We will have three distinct sections: Morning: Parents and Caregivers, Afternoon: All things Adult, and Evening: Removing Barriers/Creating Inclusion Deep Dive Panel. Each section will provide opportunities for individuals to gain information and connection with representatives from K-12, Higher Ed, Business, Therapy, Medicine, Finance, and more.

A quiet room, a family room, and more will be provided to step out of the fray.

Also, rooms for finding community for Parents and Caregivers, Siblings, and LGBTQI+.


Whether you want to become a Sponsor, a Contributor, or to buy tickets for those who cannot afford them, your dollars will be put to work right away to be sure this conference meets needs and includes all who wish to attend.

Speakers and Presenters

For our growing list of speakers, see our Speakers Page

Please email us for more information about volunteer and vending opportunities.

*All information and advice given at INAS 2022 is offered by speakers and presenters and may not represent the opinions or values of EQSolutions: You 2.0 or Neuroawesome Life. If you choose to purchase from a vendor or accept advice from a speaker or presenter, you accept full responsibility for doing so. Neither EQSolutions: You 2.0 nor Neuroawesome Life may be held responsible for any real or perceived negative outcomes.

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