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Neuroawesome™ Life is an expanding concept bringing information, connections, and solutions to individuals and communities around the world. We are dedicated to adaptive education, accurate information, self-advocacy, and projects and research that include neurodivergent people at every level. "Nothing for us without us." 

Neuroawesome Life Events are intended to be catalysts, bringing people together from education, support, therapy, medicine, business, tech, and more to listen and share about neurodivergence in all its aspects. The general public is invited and encouraged to participate because all voices and perspectives are vital to finding and creating better understanding, acceptance, and accommodation. Connections will be formed that will strengthen the community from the individual to the whole, continuing long after the event is over.

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Events are online as well as in-person/virtual hybrids. There is one large hybrid each year and several online only events in between. We invite not only international leaders in many fields to share their knowledge, perspectives, and projects but also the general community. This creates opportunities for connection, learning, and growth offered by few other events. Your contribution is a vital part of making sure the needs and desires of neurodivergent adults and children are understood and acted upon.

How will my contribution help?

All contributed funds will go toward making Neuroawesome™ Life services and events. Some of our highest needs are:

Scholarships: We want all our events and services to be accessible to all people who would benefit from them regardless of personal or family budget. Our last event provided more than 100 free tickets to individuals who asked for help, and our coaching and classes always offer a sliding scale to those in need.

IT/marketing: Good web design, video recording and editing, live-streaming services, web and traditional marketing will all help with promotion and make Neuroawesome™ Life and INAS events accessible online and in-person.  

Employees: We adore our volunteers and couldn't put on our high standards events without them, but volunteer-only events are not sustainable. We need to be able to higher top-notch people in order to bring the best information, advocacy, and support to as many people, world wide, as possible.

Every bit helps.

Contribute any amount

Contributions managed by PayPal

*Contributions are not tax-deductible and do not indicate any partial or full partnership nor ownership of any kind. All funds collected are distributed at the discretion of EQSolutions: You 2.0, Neuroawesome™ Life, and their appointed representatives. 

 All information and advice given at events is offered by speakers and presenters and 

may not represent the opinions or values of EQSolutions: You 2.0 or Neuroawesome™ Life. 

If you choose to purchase from a vendor or accept advice from a speaker or presenter, you accept full responsibility for doing so. 

Neither EQSolutions: You 2.0 nor Neuroawesome™ Life may be held responsible for any real or perceived negative outcomes.

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