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What's Available to You

Workshops and Seminars

Designed for you and your organization, in-person and online, workshops and seminars kick start your journey and help you stay on track. Organize an event or attend those already scheduled. Contact me to learn how. (Icon image is face outline with arrows pointing inward and upward, and an infinity symbol)

Talks and consulting

Businesses, Medical Professionals and Students, Therapists, and Educators are all beginning to realize they have clients and customers, employees and patients who are neurodivergent. Learn best practices for the Neurodivergent Community, their families, and their caregivers.

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Neuroawesome Life Events

All Neuroawesome Life events are designed by and for neurodivergent individuals and families, as well as all people who intersect with and support them. We gather speakers, presenters, and vendors from around the world who either are neurodivergent themselves or who represent organizations with employed and involved self-advocates. We hold firmly to the concept of, "Nothing about us without us." 

Annual multi-day, hybrid conferences, as well as smaller in-person and online only events throughout the year, are making room for a multitude of unique voices, opportunities, and progress. (Icon image is a microphone with a thought bubble lower left and upper right)

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